Payment Options





1.  CASH

When paying in cash, because of the varying Spot Price, the exact price will be determined at time of payment.  No ID is required unless you're purchasing more than $10,000 per day.  Most items are in-stock in Saskatoon.


The bank fee of $25 will be passed along, but is waved for purchased over $10k.  Bank Transfers usually take around 5 hours to process, but they can take up to 4 days.  Once the funds are received, the price can be determined and Locked-in.  You will then be able to take possession of your purchase.  If you are an RBC client, there are no fees, the transfer is immediate.

3.  Electronic Money Transfer

E-Transfers can be accepted, but keep in mind, most banks only allow transfers of up to $2500 per day.  So you may need to split up your purchase over the course of a few days.

"LOCKING IN" a Price

SPOT PRICES change every minute, therefore if you want to "Lock In" your products at the current price, I will need to receive a down payment of 25%, before the final price can be locked in.  This is done by either by Cash or Electronic Funds.  Once I've received full payment, you then take possession of your Precious Metals purchase. 

All items are TAX FREE

Thank-you for taking the time to consider SILVERTIP as your precious metals dealer, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have about the business or Precious Metals in general.  My hope is that I can be an integral part of providing others with a cost-saving alternative to the Banks, in your pursuit of obtaining high-grade investment products that will help to secure your family's wealth.