Payment Options



Other methods may be accepted.  Please read on or call for full details.

The Banks and Credit Unions have put considerable restrictions on you when trying to purchase Precious Metals.  The following is designed to help you understand the hurdles you may run into and how to deal with them.

 First of all, let me start out by saying there are substantial savings opportunities when purchasing here rather than the Banks, but there's one fundamental you must understand before moving forward.  All Precious Metal prices like Gold and Silver, are based off of the current SPOT PRICE, which changes every minute.  The PREMIUM, is the amount above the Spot Price that each company charges for minting the coin, and other operational costs.  

      Please review the payment options listed below to help you decide which one is best for you.  And note, that unlike the banks, here you'll be taking immediate possession of your physical Gold and Silver.


 1.  CASH -  Canadian & USA accepted

2.  DEBIT CARD / INTERAC - up to your daily limit, which for most is $2000/day

3.  BANK TRANSFER - accepted 

4.  CREDIT CARDS are not accepted

5.  CHEQUES / BANK DRAFTS subject to prior approval

Below is some information to help you understand how the Banks put limitations on accessing your money as a way of deterring you from going elsewhere and saving money.   If you haven’t tried taking  your money out of the bank lately, you will likely be shocked at how difficult it is, and I think it'll be helpful to know what to expect before you arrive.

1.  CASH

When paying in cash, because of the varying Spot Price, the exact price will be determined at time of purchase.  No ID is required unless you're paying more than $10,000 per day.  I maintain most items in-stock in Saskatoon, so in most cases, you'll take immediate possession of your Gold/Silver coins/bars.


Interac Debit Cards are accepted, but keep in mind that most cards have a maximum limit of $2000 per day, unless you call you bank and set up a temporary higher amount.  The other option if you're wanting to use this option for a purchase over you daily limit, you can also make multiple payments until the full amount is reached, then you can take possession of your purchase. 


With this option, no ID is required and there is no limit to your purchase.  You will take immediate possession of your Gold/Silver.  Most banks will charge you a minimal fee around $30, and we pass on our bank charges of $25, which is waved if your purchase is over $10,000.  Bank Transfers usually take a day to process, but can take up to 4 days.  Once the funds are received at this end, the price can be determined and Locked In.  You then will be able to take possession of your purchase.  If you happen to be a RBC client, there are no fees, the transfer is immediate, and you can take immediate possession of your Gold/Silver.


Seeing as the profit margin is extremely low as compared to most businesses (0.05%), and the credit card companies charge 3.25%, you can see this simply is not an option when dealing in Precious Metals.


A quick word here on why we can not accept this form of payment.  Most banks will tell you that a Certified Cheque/Bank Draft is as good as cash, which simply is not true.  If it was, I would gladly take them, but unfortunately these forms of payment are subject to large amounts of fraudulent opportunities, therefore this risk is far to great in falling prey to this form of payment.  Yes, if you are a legitimate buyer and purchase a Bank Draft, the funds are withdrawn immediately out of your account, and it is a guaranteed payment.  But please understand, the honest person like yourself is not the one we must be protected from.  Like most things in life, it's the dishonest ones who wreck it for the rest.  Hopefully you're able to understand the reason for having to stay away from this method of payment.

"LOCKING IN" a Price

Seeing as the SPOT PRICES change every minute, if you want to "Lock In" your products at the current price, you will need to pay at least a 25% before the price can be locked in.  This is done by either by Cash or Electronic Funds.  Then in the coming days, once you've arranged full payment, you can then take immediate possession of your Precious Metals purchase. 


For Gold purchases under $3000, and Silver Purchases under $1000, a $25 Service Charge will apply.

We thank-you for taking the time to consider SILVERTIP as a viable and cost-saving option, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have about the business or Precious Metals in general.  Hopefully we can be in integral part of providing you with a cost-saving alternative to the Banks, in your pursuit of obtaining high-grade investment products that will help to secure your family's wealth for whatever the future may bring.