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Sell / Buy Gold and Silver

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for ANY Gold or Silver Items in any condition

Up to 50% more than Jewelry stores will pay !



Coins & Bars

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Minimum purchases are 50 oz's of Silver or 1 oz of Gold

MOST ITEMS ARE IN STOCK, available for immediate pick up

See chart below for Sell Premiums above SPOT

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Unlike the banks or Jewelry Stores, here there's no hidden fees such as armored- car charges, taxes, etc.

1oz .999 Buffalo Silver Rounds

Get more than face value for most pre-1968 coins. 

Why spend months trying to find the value of your old coin collections. Get your written appraisals here.


Silvertip is a locally-owned business, dealing in precious metals.  I offer many ways to connect with you directly, person to person.  Please call or text to find out how to have a face-to-face meeting, and if you're purchasing, take immediate possession of your physical gold or silver.  if you're selling, you get paid on the spot.  Hope to see you soon.