To be a successful Investor, you must be willing to hedge(bet) against the consensus... and be right more than 50% of the time.  Most individual investors own no physical Gold or Silver because they have been told it's a "losers" game.  But if you research the portfolios of the banks and most wealth management funds, they have between 10% to 15% of their wealth into physical Gold and Silver.  I suggest you should ask yourself, if Gold is only for losers, why has the price of an ounce of it gone from $32 in 1967, to $1700 in 2018 ?  Are the CEO's of the major banks losers for purchasing so much Gold?  And why does the USA Treasuries have over 8000 tons of Gold?  The US dollar is the preferred World Reserve Currency, but these "losers" are still holding onto a whole lot of gold.  And that begs the question, why are there so many sources out there suggesting that only losers invest in physical gold, when some of the most influential players in the financial markets know the benefits of physical Gold?.....well maybe there's something to it ! 

If you’ve spoken with a successful professional Financial Advisers who truly had your best interest in mind,  they've likely informed you that Gold's been used as the absolute determination and protection of wealth for thousands of years, and continues in its role to this day. The USA has been the premier Reserve Currency around the world for many years now. And why?   Mainly because of one fundamental reason that has stayed the test of time.  They have more Gold to back up their financial system, than any other country.

But before you start to convert your hard-earned paper money into Gold, you'll first need to research the history of it, and compare it to what you probably know best, paper money.  Here, I'll share with you some basic starting points that you should consider, but is definitely not intended as an exhaustive argument for investing into gold, but rather just some points of discussion that you may want to consider.

When people ask me, "Why invest in Gold rather than RRSP's", the first thing I usually share with them is something they already know..... Gold has been used for thousands of years as a transfer of wealth(currency).  RRSP's have been around for, oh let's say, about 65 years.  Gold has stood the test of time, and has many uses as a commodity as well.(jewelry, computer circuits, etc).  RRSP's are good to start fires with, but that's about it as they're just paper.  Gold has always been sought after, and is always high-priced, relatively speaking as compared to paper money.  There is no time in history when Gold became worthless, and people just threw it out.  However, that's what happens to RRSP's and Paper Money Currencies quite often.  


In North America, back in the early 1970's, we went off the "Gold Standard" and went to a "FIAT System".  The Gold Standard is where a country backs its currency with a physical commodity of wealth, called Gold.  The more gold the country owns, the more it is able to prove to its trading partners that they are what they say they are, and are able to pay back loans, etc. if needed.  The Fiat System on the other hand, is based on nothing.  It's basically an understanding that groups of counties have with each other, that they will all be truthful when it comes to how their country is doing financially, and that they will be able to "pay up" anytime it's required......can you see the problem with this ?  If not, it's best you do research into all the ramifications of currency failures over the years around the world.


Now maybe you're asking, "Why is Gold the metal of choice?"  The main reason is very basic.  "An honest day's pay, for an honest day's work".  Gold is difficult to get.  There are no easy short-cuts to get Gold.  Whether it's through mining, prospecting, or buying from a dealer, it's a hard thing to get, or costs a lot.  There's a lot of physical labor, sweat and tears involved, so to get more Gold from the earth, it takes an honest day's work.  Now compare that to Paper Currency.  When a country wants more, they just hit PRINT on their computers, and another 50 million in $100 bills are printed.  How easy is that?  It takes virtually no physical effort or real work.  In a few hours, the country just declares itself worth millions more in value, but really did nothing to get there.  Can you now see that the Fiat System is a flawed system that cannot sustain itself?  Below is a good video more fully explaining where we're at today.


When the currencies in North America fail, Gold and Silver will be the only investments that will allow you to maintain your wealth.  You can go anywhere in the world with these precious metals, and the amount of wealth you put into them, can be easily traded directly for food, etc., as in India, or into the local currency, to be utilised that way.  Or if you stay in your country, once a new currency is started up, you simply convert your Gold into that one, for your daily needs.  All your RRSP's and old bank accounts holding the old currency will be VOID.


And for a quick word on whether to buy physical Gold and Silver, or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's).  Well, the main reason to purchase Gold is because of the fundamental advantage it has as being, the real thing.  A real piece of Gold in your hand, is of real value.  A piece of paper that has some ink on it that states you supposedly own some Gold somewhere, is not really worth anything.  Consider the reality, that ETF's are leveraged at an extremely high ratio of real physical Gold, to their issued ETF amount.  Explained in simple terms, for at least every 50 ounces of Gold you pay them for, they only have 1, yes, one ounce of Real Gold in their storage facilities.  BlackRock, a Gold ETF company was recently forced to stop selling, as their ratio grew to over 157 to 1.  I believe you can imagine what will happen when even 2% of the fund holders decide to cash in their ETF's in return for real Gold.  The company will instantly go bankrupt, and everyone who has invested into those funds, will be out all of their investment.  So at that time, it won’t matter what the value of "my Gold" is according to that piece of paper, as the true and realized value will be zero.    This is another reason why I recommend and sell  real, physical Gold.


As a last thought, consider this...... Throughout the ages, one ounce of Gold (currently ~ $1650), has always been worth the amount to sustain a family of 4, for one month.(including Food, Clothing and Residence).  When a currency fails because of hyper-inflation, 100 million dollars of that currency will not be enough to buy you one loaf of bread, as it is now a worthless currency.(again, review history of currency failures)  But as for Gold and Silver, they have always, and will continue to maintain their WORTH as a commodity, and will allow you to cash-in little-by-little during those rough days, and sustain you and those you love.


Below you'll find a history video, about the life of Charles Ponzi.  I'd recommend you take the time to watch and learn about his methods, then decide for yourself......what investment today sounds like a Ponzi Scheme?  Is it the age old, tried and tested Gold and Silver markets?  Or could there possibly be other things like, Amazon, Bitcoin, Madoff, or even our own government Treasury?

Watch and decide for yourself.



Do you believe that Canada can not, or will not ever be in one of these reports?

News Report May 19, 2017