Selling your old jewelry

SILVERTIP will purchase any amount of old or scrap gold jewelry.  If this is the first time you're looking to sell used jewelry, you'll be shocked to learn that the value of used jewelry is less than what fancy Jewelry stores sell if for,  far less.  I have heard from many people who have purchased a ring from a retail jewelry store, then tried to return it only one month later, and are flabbergasted and even upset when the find out that most of the time they can't get even 1/10 of what they paid for it.  This is when they find out that the markup on new jewelry is often over 10 times it's true intrinsic value.  Used jewelry value is determined based on the gold content, and if diamonds are attached, only if they are a minimum half carat or larger, and of top grade....not on what a jewelry store would sell it for new. 

Silvertip Gold is an actual gold dealer where you can expect between 20% and 40% more than what a retail jewelry store will offer you for it. If you're not familiar with what I'm saying here, feel free to contact the likes of People's and Ben Moss first for a cash quote, then call or text Silvertip to see how you can get the most out of your gold jewelry.


To give you some idea of what price you can expect to get for your scrap gold, here's some examples.  An average men's ring that is 10K and a wide band, currently runs between $75 and $125.  

An average Lady's wedding ring that is 14k and is a narrow band, will bring between $45 and $150.  

If the ring contains a diamond that is larger than a half carat, and is a newer cut style, it will be worth more than the gold value, and the price will be determined after it is viewed in person.  But if the diamond is smaller or is an old cut style, the market value for those are very low, and you'll only get the gold value for the weight of it.  If you believe that the diamond is worth a lot, it's recommended to keep the diamond(s) for your collection.

If you're selling several pieces of scrap jewelry, you'll receive a higher price point per gram than you would if you were selling just one piece, but keep in mind, extra precautions will be taken to ensure the items are clear and free of any illegal activity.

I look forward to meeting with you, and if you would like to set up and appointment to see how much your items are worth, please call or text Gary at 306-491-1917

Please see the below examples of what range of prices you could expect for your Jewelry

An amount like this would bring you around $2000

this amount would be ~ $250

a set like this if 14k, would be in the $150 range

for a full set like this, you could keep the larger diamonds, and the value would be around $225

you keep the diamonds if you choose, and the value would be around $85

a single wider band like this would be between $75 and $125

A thin ring like this would be under $25

Being a mobile business, and not having a storefront, has some advantages for you, such as better prices, however some people are not used to dealing one-on-one.  I encourage you to check out the reviews of the many happy customers on the Google Business page, and if you'd like to see how much money you can save by dealing local, please give us a call.

If you'd rather not meet directly in person, or live outside Saskatoon, you can mail in by parcel only, through Canada Post, you items, which will be assessed upon delivery.  All you need to do is let me know what you're shipping, and then sent the parcel to the following address.


Box 99900  DW720885

RPO Midtown

Saskatoon, SK

S7K  3T6

Reminder:  It must be sent through  Canada Post  ONLY.  No other carrier will be accepted.