How to order

I'll be away during this time, but if you want to place an order, leave me a text message or email.  You will need to pre-pay  your purchase, in order to lock-in the price and take delivery upon my return.  You can do this by electric money transfers through your on-line banking, or a bank wire.   Minimum purchase amounts during this time are 100 ounces of silver or 5 ounces of gold.

I'll be accessing my messages only once a week or so.  Please be patient, as I'll contact you as soon as possible.



Below is a price list, with the prices for all four purchase levels.

The SPOT prices on this list are at $19 for Silver and $1600 for Gold.  So if you just add or subtract the difference of what the current SPOT price is, that'd give you what the current prices per item are.

For urgent matters, or where you're wanting to lock-in a price-point for a large order, you can try me at 12 noon, each date at 204-281-0240